I’m Tom Dwyer,

Should intentionally tanking our economy and assaulting the middle class for selfish political gain be considered treason?….

 What should the punishment be?

As President Obama was celebrating his inauguration, top Republican lawmakers and strategists were already meeting at a private dinner in Washington to conjure up ways to sink his presidency.

You know the players… Cantor, Ryan, DeMint, Kyl, Sessons, Coburn, Luntz, Gingrich, and more…

They didn’t meet to come up with better policies… instead they just agreed to oppose every Obama proposal, regardless of the cost to our country.

After the meeting, Newt said “You’ll remember this as the day the seeds of 20 12 were sown.”

Coupled with the Con’s statements and actions since the day Obama took office, we know they are acting on their “party before country” pact.

Is it going too far to call what Republi Con leaders are doing treason?  I don’t think so.

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