Movie Night- “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

I’m Tom Dwyer,

…inviting you to join us Thursday, March fifteenth, for another free Movie Night.

This month’s feature is “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, based on the novel by Oregon author Ken Kesey and filmed at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem.

“Cuckoo” stars Jack Nicholson as Randle McMurphy who feigns mental illness to avoid a prison sentence.  He soon finds himself leading his fellow patients to question; their illness,… their treatment,… their lives and the previously unquestioned authority of the icy Nurse Ratched.  …McMurphy does not fare well in their ensuing battle of wills.

It all happens this and every third Thursday, 6 pm, at the SEIU Union Hall on the corner of Foster and Holgate.  Brought to you FREE through the generosity of SEIU Local 503, We Are Oregon, Jobs with Justice and Economic Fairness Oregon.

Follow the links from our website for more details and a list of upcoming movies.

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