Movie Night- “Dave”

I’m Tom Dwyer,

What would you do if you accidentally became President?

On Thursday, May 17, find out how one person handles it when Tom Dwyer Movie Night brings you “Dave”.

“Dave” is a political comedy about a regular guy who looks exactly like the President.  When the real President has a stroke during a romp with a staffer, he’s quietly replaced by Dave to avoid scandal.

Dave’s Presidency is popular with the country, but not the White House.  His decisions land him in the center of political intrigue, but also in love with the former First Lady.

Our FREE Movie Night happens this and every third Thursday of the month at the S E I U Union Hall on the corner of Foster and Holgate.  It’s all made possible by S E I U Local 5 0 3, We Are Oregon, Jobs with Justice and Economic Fairness Oregon.

Please click the link on our website for all the details.

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