Illahee Lecture Series- Andrew Bacevich

I’m Tom Dwyer,

…inviting you to join the Illahee Lecture Series in grilling up some more “Sacred Cow”

The United States accounts for forty three percent of all military spending on the planet, producing massive profits for some but death and despair for huge numbers of others.

One Sacred Cow that warrants scrutiny is our military industrial complex and American Empire.

Andrew Bacevich sees problems with a military based society, and limits to the use of America’s military power.  A retired colonel and acclaimed conservative historian, he’s one of many who think it’s time to re-examine our empire and our current path to permanent war. He’s calling for informed action from the American People.

Please join us at an unusual venue, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, at seven pm Wednesday May 16, as Andrew Bacevich takes on the hot topic of National Defense.  And as always, please follow the links from our website for more information.

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