Humanist Film Festival


I’m Tom Dwyer,

Every year, Atheists lead polls as the most hated group in America.

That could be because they’re also one of the most misunderstood groups.  After all, they’re defined by what they don’t believe… no preachers or churches are promoting their philosophy.

The third annual Portland Humanist Film Festival is trying to change that.

It’s a get together for Humanists, Atheists, Skeptics, Freethinkers, and non-Believers of every stripe, but it’s also a chance to share their beliefs with open minded people from across the Northwest.

There’ll be movies and speakers explaining the Humanist philosophy, and maybe challenging your own.  But most importantly you’ll see that non-Believers don’t deserve hatred.  They deserve tolerance at least, and maybe even… respect.

I hope to see you at Cinema Twenty One when the Portland Humanist Film Festival rolls into town for the weekend of October twenty sixth.

And as always, our website has all the details.

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