Emperial Americana

I’m Tom Dwyer…

Dick Gregory told Thom Hartmann “when you have a good thing, you never have to force it on people… they’ll steal it.”

Uncle Sam is finding it harder to build Empire, so maybe our foreign policy needs scrutiny.

When we help people succeed, we build allies.  When we kill their families we create permanent enemies, more enemies than we can kill… How calmly would you accept the incidental deaths of those you love?

Human collateral damage caused by unmanned drones flown in illegal wars does not build allies.  When the military industrial complex sways our foreign policy, corporate profits trump fundamental principles.

Inhumane and short-sighted!

Schools and food are cheaper than bombs and yield a moral, sustainable return on investment.  Read the book “Three Cups of Tea” to learn the possibilities.

I believe in America as an ideal of freedom, not as a secretive oppressive corporate Empire.  No more Empire building… Please… not in my name!

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