Nature’s Fury

Hi I’m Tom Dwyer

Two three zero – twenty three hundred

You may know about 3 5 0 dot org, and the current and increasing levels of carbon dioxide we face.  The best science tells us to keep C 0 2 levels at 3 5 0 parts per million or below or be ready for nature’s response.  Currently we are at 387 and rising, the highest level in 15 million years!

Knowing this, how can we possibly go to Copenhagen fighting for a cap of 4 5 0 under the inspirational cry of “3 5 0 is too ambitious?”

I’m very disappointed in the Obama administration’s lack of leadership on this critical issue.  They seem indifferent to our European allies and prefer to partner with our new polluter friend China.

America once had ambitions beyond corporate profits, and I think species survival is worthy of a little ambition.  We need to lead on this…

Make 3 5 0 the goal.

Tax C O 2 generation

Reward development and reduction

Meet the goal!!!

Polluters will cry, but the economy will survive and prosper and so might humans.

Please call or write the white house today and express yourself!

Thank You!

Two three zero twenty three hundred… Tom Dwyer Automotive Services… trusted to keep your vehicles, safe, breakdown-free and operating at their best!

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