Referral Reward Program Details

RefRewardsButtonRewards to the groups you care about 

  • For every new client you refer to us we’ll donate 20% (up to $50of the qualifying purchases from their first invoice to the non-profit group of your choice.
  • Each quarter we’ll highlight a group in our newsletter and make an additional $200.00 donation to their cause.
  • At the end of the year we’ll highlight the a group in our newsletter and make an additional $500.00 donation to their cause.

Restrictions and limits

  • We’ll be thankful for anyone you send us, but all their services might not qualify for their donation totals.  Oil changes, tires, and batteries won’t count toward their qualifying purchases.
  • This donation offer only applies to new, first-time clients who come to us through your referral.
  • The person you refer must have a 15-years-old-or-newer vehicle of a type we service.  Sorry, but our 15-years-old-or-newer policy still has to apply, and we can’t help with their Lamborghinis or semi trucks.  (We should remind you that the “15-years-old-or-newer” restriction applies ONLY to new clients.  If you’re an existing client and we’ve been servicing YOUR older vehicle, we’ll gladly continue to do so!)
  • You can refer a friend, family member, co-worker, or any random person that you think needs superior automotive care, but the person must mention you by name to qualify.  While we ask every new client how they heard about us, if they don’t tell us YOU referred them then we can’t make the donation YOU want.
  • Once someone mentions your referral, we’ll contact you for information on the organization you’d like us to donate to.
  • You can choose any environmental, political, social, community, or other non-profit group you support, but we do reserve the right to refuse to donate to them if we find them inappropriate for some reason.  In the unlikely situation we refuse your group, we will either ask you to choose another group or we will issue you a personal coupon for 20% off labor costs on your next visit.
  • You can coordinate members of a group to come in together.  (In fact, we encourage it, so we’ve included an introductory letter below that you could use to get your group involved).  Just pick one person as your representative so we can get the donations made appropriately and make sure the group is qualified for the quarterly and yearly bonus donations.

Sample Letter

Dear (Group),

This is to tell you about an offer from Tom Dwyer Automotive Services that could result in some much-needed funding for our cause. 

Tom has started a Referral Reward Program to introduce more people to their shop.  For every person that comes in and gives my name as a referral source, Tom Dwyer will make a donation to our group of up to $50 depending on how much they spend.  We’ll also be in the running for a $200 quarterly donation and a $500 donation at the end of the year.  Finally, they’ll be spotlighting some of the groups that receive donations in their newsletter and on their Facebook page.  That extra exposure for us would be a boost in itself!

I’ve used Tom’s services before, and I’d be glad to tell you anything you’d like to know about my experience with them.  They’re a top-notch shop, honest and professional, and they work on just about any model of 15-years-old-or-newer vehicle.  If you want to know more, they have reviews on sites like Yelp and AngiesList and detailed information on

The more of us that try Tom Dwyer Automotive Services, the more our group will benefit.  I think it’s an excellent offer that could help us a lot, and I hope you join me in participating.



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