Meet Our Clients

When you’re learning about a business for the first time, you’re probably a little suspicious of what the company says about itself.  You want the “real deal”, objectively, not some marketing spin.  That’s why we asked our clients to help us out by sending a camera to ask them about their experiences with Tom Dwyer Automotive.    Here’s a link to a video testimonial from one of our favorite KPOJ personalities, Thom Hartmann, describing his experience with our shop.  There’s also some links to some on-air endorsements from Thom, Carl Wolfson, and other KPOJ folks here.

But we’re not just about celebrity endorsements!  Click on any of the buttons below to watch the full interviews with these lesser-known-but-just-as-valuable clients.  No actors.  No scripts.  No pay.  Just folks like you telling you what they think.