Money-Saving Programs

Our mission at Tom Dwyer Automotive is to provide you with clear, coherent vehicle maintenance and repair.  We run very few coupons because we think our clients should make maintenance decisions based on what their vehicle needs, not what specials are running.  BUT… we also realize that everyone still wants a bargain!  We came up with these ways to let you save a little money intelligently

Our First-Time Client Offer is the only actual coupon we have.  Since we recommend our Comprehensive Inspection to all new clients to establish a baseline condition for their vehicle, it only made sense to make it as easy as possible for them to start their maintenance relationship with us.  (By the way, if you’re referring a new client to us you may want to take advantage of our Referral Rewards Program that will benefit the non-profit group of your choice)

Any client can immediately save money by joining our innovative Carbon Neutral Program, a partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation that has already offset more than 1.6 million pounds of carbon from our atmosphere.  Your membership pays for carbon offsets to offset the carbon production of your vehicle for one year.  It also saves you 10% off  labor charges from day one, and more during the year of your membership!

Because steady, coherent maintenance is so important to the life and performance of your vehicle, we designed our Planned Maintenance Package to encourage exactly this type of sensible planning.  You save the most money of any of our four savings programs but, more importantly, because you’re committing to the most critical maintenance items you’re getting the most value.

Aside from any specific service or failure issues your vehicle will have over its lifetime, there are basic maintenance needs every vehicle has every year.  We pulled these basics together into our Planned Maintenance Package to make your planning and budgeting easier and to help keep you on track with the steady, coherent maintenance your vehicle needs.  Each package is good for one year from your purchase date, and includes:

  • Two (2) Minor Interval Services using synthetic oil- We’re encouraging all our clients to make the switch from standard oil to synthetic oil to save both time and money! Using synthetic oil is better for you, better for your vehicle, and better for the environment.  Since you can go twice as long between oil changes you will need half as many, saving you the hassle of chasing oil changes every three months.  Synthetic oil will also extend the life of your engine, increase your mileage, and reduce your vehicle’s emissions.
  • One (1) 130-point Inspection- This is the Comprehensive Inspection we encourage our clients to have each year.  This inspection allows us to be able to accurately track, prioritize and recommend the needs of each vehicle.  This is our most comprehensive inspection, and the core of a good vehicle maintenance program.
  • One (1) 90-point Inspection- We need to see your vehicles at least two times per year to deliver great service results.  This is our mid-term inspection, used in conjunction with our 125-point inspection to help us to stay on top of your vehicle’s service needs.  This on-going inspection regimen means you’ll always have peace of mind whether you’re driving across town or across country.
  • Two (2) Tire Rotations and Balances- Basic tire care twice a year will greatly extend the life of your tire investment. Even if your tires are covered by a free rotation policy somewhere else you won’t need to run around, and you’ll be confident that the rotationand balance will be done right.

Sure, our Planned Maintenance Program saves you the most money immediately, but that’s just the short-term advantage.  Because you’re committing to your most critical maintenance items, you’re getting the long-term value of a more reliable and longer-lasting vehicle and the inestimable value of complete peace of mind while you drive it.

One other thing while we’re at it…

Referral-Reward-new-buttonIt’s not a Moneysaving Program, but our Referral Reward is a perk you might like to know about…

Year after year, referrals from our existing clients are our greatest source of new clients, so we’ve been trying to think of some way to appropriately reward people for their referrals.  Our solution is our Referral Reward Program.  Here’s how it works…

  • For every new client you refer to us we’ll donate 20% (up to $50) of the qualifying purchases from their first invoice to the non-profit group of your choice.
  • Each quarter we’ll highlight the client and group with the most referrals in our newsletter and make an additional donation of up to $200.00 to their cause.
  • At the end of the year we’ll highlight the client and group with the highest total referrals in our newsletter and make an additional donation of up to $500.00 to their cause.
  • We’ll be thankful for anyone you send us, but all their services might not qualify for their donation totals.  Oil changes, tires, and batteries won’t count toward their qualifying purchases.
  • The person you refer must have a 15-years-old-or-newer vehicle of a type we service.  Sorry, but our 15-years-old-or-newer policy still has to apply, and we can’t help with their Lamborghinis or semi trucks.  (We should remind you that the “15-years-old-or-newer” restriction applies ONLY to new clients.  If you’re an existing client and we’ve been servicing YOUR older vehicle, we’ll gladly continue to do so!)
  • Referrals don’t have to come singly; you can coordinate your group to come in as a whole.  In fact, we have a sample letter you might want to use to tell them about the program.

There are some basic restrictions we’ve posted on our website, but it’s really just that simple.  So please, keep telling your friends, family members, and co-workers about us!  With your help, EVERYONE wins!