Late Night Elections

aaaHumorosnessRestOfNewsletterWhatever else the election has been, it’s been fodder for late night comedy, and uniformly it’s been anti-Trump. They, like so much of the country had been looking forward with ambivalence to a Clinton presidency but convinced they’d dodged the bullet of a Trump presidency. Until… oops. Now, like so much of the rest of the country, Humorousness can’t look away from the election results but at least we’ll show you the funny side of it, as we watch all the late night voices respond to the Trump victory, and try to flavor the crow they’re eating with a few laughs.


Trevor Noah


Kate McKinnon on SNL


Seth Meyers


Stephen Colbert


James Corden


Conan O’Brien


Election Night- SNL


Samantha Bee

Of course, there are a few additional commentaries on the Late Night political swamp…

White Privilege Abounds in Late-Night Television’s Response to Trump’s Victory by Elena Zhang on Paste, Nov 2016

Trump Is No Excuse For Turning Late-Night Comedy Into Propaganda by David Marcus on the Federalist, Sep 2016

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