Our Gift

I’m Tom Dwyer,

We pulled troops from Iraq, but left a gift that will keep giving for billions of years.  Yes, billions.

Doctors in Fallujah blame depleted uranium used in devastating attacks in two thousand four for a catastrophic rise in infant deaths, birth defects, and abnormalities.  Iraqi parent’s first question is no longer “is it a boy or girl”, but “is it normal”.

Let’s compare…

August oh two; five hundred thirty births, six deaths and one deformity recorded.

September oh nine; a hundred seventy births; forty one died, thirty one of those had serious abnormalities.

A Fallujah pediatrician documented thousands of these tragedies, but says there are no medical terms to describe them because so many were unknown until we dumped twelve hundred tons of depleted uranium there.

Tenacious lite particle radioactive contamination spreads easily.  Where will our gift be in ten years? A hundred? Ten thousand?

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