Illahee 2012 #3- Juliet Schor

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Our economy is a tool created by people to serve people, but it’s become the master rather than the servant.  What is your value as a human being?  Are you more than just a consumer?

On February twenty-fourth, the Illahee Lecture Series’ next speaker will take aim at another Sacred Cow by questioning our role as mindless little cogs in our own economy.

Juliet Schor’s research over the last ten years has focused on trends in work and leisure, consumerism, the relationship between work and family, and economic justice. Her groundbreaking work suggests radical changes in how we think about consumer goods, the value of work, and even the ways we live our lives.

Please join us at Portland’s First Congregational Church, seven PM Friday, February twenty-fourth, as Juliet Schor skewers the next Sacred Cow of the two thousand twelve Illahee Lecture Series.  And as always, just follow the links from our website for more information.

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