Immaculate Contraception

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The recent noise over contraception seemed a gift to Republi Cons desperately seeking a wedge issue. Women’s healthcare was quickly demagogued from a squabble over comprehensive health coverage to a war on religious freedom.

Circus carnies shouting “Look over there” while the healthcare elephant sits in the center ring.  This red herring is another indicator of how desperately we need a rational, national, single payer system.

Should religious healthcare systems be able to deny needed services? Can Hindu groups deny cow derived insulin?  Can Jewish employers refuse porcine heart valves?  With single payer, no religious group would have to grapple with these issues.  The choice would be left to the individual; People would be empowered, not employers.  Problem solved.

National single payer may seem a dead issue now, but many states are still working on it.    Go to Single Payer Oregon dot org and join Oregon’s fight.

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