2nd Quadrennial Election Night Bash

(Update: The Bash took place on Nov 6, 2012, so if you’re reading this after that date we’re sorry you missed the party) 

Doors open at 6pm at the Historic Bob White Theatre, 6423 SE Foster Road.  It’s a free evening, free food provided by Tapatio Restaurant, beer and wine for sale, no RSVP required.  Bring friends!

(UPDATE 10/26/12– We’ve now created a special webpage for the Bash as well as an Event Page on Facebook.  These are the places where we’ll put new info as it comes in.  If you’re planning on going to the Bash, please tell us about it on the Facebook Event Page.)

Just four years ago, America was deciding one of the most pivotal elections in our history.  We stood at a crossroads… continue George Dubya Bush’s disastrous march toward a police-state oligarchy, or try a new tack with an unproven Senator from Illinois.  The results of that election have been mixed, but one unambiguously good thing that came out of it was the Tom Dwyer Automotive Election Night Bash.

We had gathered with about a thousand of our closest friends at Greek Cuisina to ring in the new president because no matter which way it went we knew we’d be better off with like-minded people around.  This year, the election looks like it will be a nail-biter again and we want you to join us for the big finish.

KPOJ 620-AM will be joining us as hosts for this year’s blow-out, which will be held at the newly renovated Bob White Theater at 6423 Southeast Foster Road in Southeast Portland.  Tapatio Catering will be supplying the food, and we’ll have a few treats to give away as well.

It’s the party that’s too big to hold every year, it’s the party you’ve heard about, it’s the ONLY place for political wonks to be on election night, and it’s the party that’s as fun as the name is long.  It’s the Tom Dwyer Automotive Services and KPOJ Radio 2nd Quadrennial Election Night Bash, and it’s the one party you can’t afford to miss!  Please check our website frequently as the big day approaches, and we’ll keep you posted on all the details.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Tom Dwyer Election Night Bash Warmup

Tom Dwyer Election Night Bash Speech part 1

Tom Dwyer Election Night Bash Speech part 2


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