Our Inspection Process

I’m Tom Dwyer,

“Free inspections” may actually be overpriced!  An incomplete or biased inspection may not just be worthless; it can actually cause problems by fostering poor decisions or costly mistakes.

“Free or minor inspections” can’t provide comprehensive information about your vehicle.  They’re frequently just checklists to sell you items from potentially limited service menus.

It’s easy to find something wrong with almost any vehicle in a quick once over, but what about the complete list, what are the priorities and how should they be handled?

We’ve refined our proprietary inspection and records management process over 30 years with just one goal… to maintain an honest long term relationship with our clients by supplying them the accurate, unbiased, complete information needed to make good decisions about their vehicle maintenance.

We can determine the current and pending services needed and help you set priorities so you can direct spending to achieve the best value for you.

By phone at (five oh three, two three oh, twenty three hundred) or online at (tom dwyer dot com) we’re Tom Dwyer Automotive Services… Trusted to keep your vehicles, safe, breakdown-free and operating at their best!

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