VIDEO Radio Spots

Remember that  video for the local grocery store’s canned goods sale? No? What about the one for that great inventory reduction sale at the carpet store?  No?  Radio commercials for local companies don’t usually make very compelling video, but one of our clients, Hans Michael (known to his legions of fans as EastBankThom), is out to change that.  He has been adding his creativity and his own unique spin to some of our radio spots.  Check out these videos he made for us on his YouTube channel, and there’s more on the way all the time.

Lanny and Mary Go Revolving       Priorities

Chasing JP Morgan     Holder’s Promise     Bush’s Baggage       Signature Strikes

Virtual Honor     Straight Talk (Warning: Strong Language!)

House Cleaning      President.  Obama.  Still sounds good!

2012 Portland Humanist Film Festival      YES on Measure 80!

Royalty Rates      Vote for God      RepubliCon Strategy

The Next PRESIDENT?      Wyden’s Right On FISA      Obama’s Wright On

Drone War      Walker Recall      Billion Year Gift

Immaculate Contraception      Wyden is Wrong      Fed Audit

Habeas Traitors      Post Office 2      De-Occupation      Occupy First Step

Buy Local      Occupied      Post Office      Push Back

Voting Suicide      Class War      Moving Planet- Portland (

Participation in Power      New Allegiance      Loyalty to Wealth

Hail Grover      Job Creators      Big Lies      July 4th, 2011

Fukushima Price/Anderson      American Exceptionalism

This Is War      Voting Against Yourself      Lame House

Support the Bank of Oregon      Tax Fairness      Bradley Manning #2

Corporate Wonderland– April Fools!      Habeas Nopus

Information Revolution      Domestic Enemies      Words Matter

Veterans for Peace Rally      Republicon Job Creation

Eisenhower’s Warning      Patriot Act      Orwell Called…

American Decline      Bradley Manning and the Rule of Lawlessness

Illahee Series 2011- Roger Pielke      GOP Roadmap

Visit Our NEW Website      I Want You (To Help Me Fight)

Republicans Listen      Tax Cuts For The Rich      BP Math Professor

Well-Informed      Close Boardman NOW      Ground Zero Mosque

Spare The Rod      Boots      Torture And Rendition      Rule In Hell

Please Vote!      Citizens United And Fascism      Losing Our Democracy

Rest In Pieces