Orwell Called…

I’m Tom Dwyer,

George Orwell wants his plot from nineteen eighty four back. Big Brother, Newspeak and Endless War aren’t fiction any more.

Cheney said the War on Terror “may NEVER end, at least, not in our lifetime.”

Obama’s first year in Afghanistan saw twice the troop losses of Bush’s deadliest year and last year was worse yet, but Congress has already voted to pay for a tenth year of war. We’re given the same story each year; more troops will give us more security to train more Afghans. They just need a little more time.

With less than fifty thousand Taliban and Al Qaeda against a quarter million Afghan troops and police, they still need another two hundred thousand troops and contractors at fifty plus Billion dollars a year?

Why do we continue to feed the military industrial complex while cutting education, job creation and social services? Soon military recruiting may be reduced to two words; GOT FOOD?

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