Making A Difference In Our Climate- Tom Dwyer Automotive at Portland’s rally

You might have heard about  It’s a global organization raising awareness about carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  350 parts per million (ppm) is the cap for a stable climate, but right now we’re over 385.  On October 24, coordinated a global event to draw attention to the 350ppm goal in advance of the Copenhagen Environmental Conference coming up in December.  Tom Dwyer Automotive Services was proud to be one of the sponsors and to help emcee the Portland event.

In cities around the world, people came together to take a stand for a safe climate future.  At over 5200 events, people found creative ways to portray the number “350” in photographs which were then assembled for presentation at the Copenhagen conference.  Our event in Pioneer Courthouse Square included the arrival of a group of people who had walked 350 miles up the Oregon Coast, a photo of kayaks creating the number “350” in the Willamette River, speakers from various local environmental groups, a women’s sprit-drum circle, Tibetan singing bowls, gospel singing, musicians, comedians, and more.  The afternoon ended with the crowd facing each side of the square for our photos, which were taken from the surrounding buildings.  To see photos of events from Bangladesh to Denmark, check out  You’ll find all the photos from our own humble Portland at

We are very proud that our own Tom Dwyer Automotive Carbon Neutral Program (CNP) has already offset over one and a quarter million pounds of carbon.  This has helped more than just the environment, it’s helped our clients who join the CNP for $100 and get discounts for automotive services totaling $350.  The CNP is really great, but real change takes more than just that… it takes all of us working together.  If you think climate change is important, please consider adding YOUR help, YOUR time, and YOUR voice to the fight.  It really does make a difference.

(Follow-up-   Just after we finished this article, the people at dropped off a beautiful, framed picture from the event to thank us for our support.  It was absolutely spectacular, and will soon be in an appropriate place of honor in our office.  The thanks should really go to Kathy Peper, Munro Sickafoose, Karol Collymore, and all the great people at who do such wonderful work for letting us contribute some small part. )

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