Pre-Purchase Inspections

So is the car you’re looking at a peach or a lemon?  How can you tell for sure?  Buying a used car has always been a gamble, and these days that gamble has more money than ever riding on it.  If you want to stay away from a beater and buy something reasonably new and in good condition, you’ll be getting out cheap at $5000 and you can probably expect to pay closer to $10,000 or $15,000.  That’s a lot of money in most people’s lives, and it’s wise to do everything possible to protect that investment.

Our Pre-Purchase inspections give you the peace of mind you need when buying a used vehicle.   We use our full Comprehensive Inspection process, with some added concerns and inspection points specific to used cars.  You can rest assured that we won’t spend your inspection money completing the process if we find a “dealbreaker” problem!  We try our best to weed out lemons early on beginning with a data analysis and a parking lot exam to make sure a further inspection is even worth doing at all.  For instance, we recommend never buying a car with a reconstructed (salvage) title!  (Reconstructed-title cars have been repaired after being “totalled” in major accidents.  Overwhelmingly, these cars look nice but have serious safety, structural, and/or mechanical problems.  We will not even inspect or support these cars here at the shop.  Here’s a link to a KGW-TV article on the problems with salvage titles.)  A vehicle’s title status can show up on our data analysis if selected (Carfax is extra), so if it is questionable at all we’d check with you before going any further.  If the vehicle makes it past the data exam and parking lot inspection we move on to the road test and full 130-point list, again stopping if we find a major flaw.  If we make it through our entire Pre-Purchase Inspection process, you can be sure you’re aware of any issues (not hidden or non-symptomatic at the time of inspection) your potential new ride might have.

Questions?  Give us a call, and let’s talk!  And good luck on your next automotive adventure!

(Here’s a Yelp review from a client who had a pre-purchase inspection done on a Corolla he was planning to buy.  We’re glad we were able to help him out, and we’d like to do the same for you…)

“Tom Dwyer automotive is thorough and they are very honest and reliable. They aren’t the cheapest in town, but you’ll end up saving on not doing unnecessary repairs on your car. Their mechanics are salaried (not on commission selling repairs that are not needed).

Today they ended up saving me from buying an almost new used Corolla that had clean carfax/autocheck, but they reported that it had suspiciously missing VIN numbers from the left front door and from the left front fender. I had almost gone ahead with the deal, had it not been for their mechanic’s thoroughness I’d have never known until it would have shown up on carfax days/weeks/months later (if it would show up at all!). I can’t thank them enough!”                                                                                         –Prashant S., Portland