Business Fleet Services

Since 1981, Tom Dwyer Automotive Services has provided individual and business vehicle service with a client satisfaction rate of 99.5%.  If you’ve never considered your business vehicles a “fleet” before, don’t worry!  Our Business Fleet Program is specifically designed for companies with small fleets of cars, trucks, or vans rated one ton and under.  

What’s wrong with the way you’ve been doing things?  Why bother with coherent, planned maintenance for your business vehicles? Because proactive maintenance helps keep your vehicles in top shape while you concentrate on your business.

  • Reliable vehicles stay on the road consistently, reducing your downtime
  • Maintenance increases the useful life of your vehicles to postpone vehicle purchases
  • Prevention frees up the time you currently spend on maintenance concerns
  • Coherent maintenance programs are less expensive than fix-on-fail repair
  • Coordination of maintenance schedules takes only one vehicle off the road at a time

Along with the benefits enjoyed by all our clients, there are also advantages unique to our Business Fleet Program…

  • Coordinated schedules for multiple vehicles reduces downtime
  • Ongoing fleet vehicle review and planning reports, including
    • Initial 125-point vehicle inspection
    • Annual 125-point vehicle review
    • Semi-annual 90-point inspection
  • Free Shuttle service, with available vehicle pickup & delivery
  • Same-day turnaround for qualified services*
  • Expedited emergency service **
  • Maintenance reminders to keep your fleet on track
  • Payment terms available for Fleet clients
    • 5% parts and labor discount for payment on completion
    • 5% labor discount for net 10 days (OAC)
    • Net 30 days (OAC)
  • 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty Fleet warranty
  • Option for heavy-duty, industrial parts where available
  • 98.18% on-time rating, 97.57% on-estimate rating
  • Vehicle purchase/sale planning and “vehicle hospice”
* For maintenance services requiring less than 4 hours of billed labor and scheduled in advance.
** Diagnosis begins within 8 business hours; service initiated same or next business day after authorization.

Here’s some thoughts from one of our Business Fleet clients, Bill Blanchard of A-Max Security Solutions, on what our service has done for his company.  You can see Bill’s whole video testimonial by clicking here.

“We’ve had several different mechanics that have done work for us, but we generally didn’t find many mechanics who were true to their price structure or true to their word, and so we experienced a lot of repairs that cost a lot more than we originally intended.  We always wanted the trucks fixed right the first time so we could keep the them on the road.  The trucks make money, the trucks are our business, and we have to have those trucks on the road all the time.  Tom understands that.  Where a lot of the other mechanics would let our trucks sit for days, Tom makes them a priority, gets us the parts we need, and gets the trucks on the road the same day every time.  We pull a lot of weight in our trucks and we drive them really hard.  Before Tom we kept trucks an average of 3 years, maybe 4 on the outside, and then typically we’d have to get rid of them.  Now the oldest truck in our fleet is 10 years old.  At this point we’ve almost tripled the life expectancy of our trucks by taking them to Tom Dwyer.”

Find out how what we can do for YOUR company!

You’ll feel good partnering with Tom Dwyer Automotive to keep your vehicles “safe, breakdown-free, and operating at their best” so you can concentrate on keeping your business operating at its best.  If you have any other questions, just call the shop and talk with one of our Service Advisors.  They’ll give you more details about our Business Fleet Program, or answer any technical questions about your specific vehicles.  We look forward to hearing from you!