Buying a Car

Webpage Buying a carSomeday, all vehicles reach the point where they’ve lost economic viability or, sadly, just give up and go to that Great Junkyard In The Sky.  Please feel free to call us when you are thinking about new or new-used vehicle.  We don’t sell vehicles, but we’ll still be glad to help with your car-buying challenge.  We can help with model choice information, recommend options for purchase, and perform the most thorough pre-purchase inspection in Portland.  (Here are three good articles on how to go about buying a car.  The first two are articles we wrote for our newsletter…

Buying a New Car


Buying a Used Car

and the other is one from Angie’s List called “How to Avoid A Sour Used-Car Shopping Experience“) But, because buying a vehicle is such a personal decision with so many variables, even with our assistance you’ll still want to spend some time refining your thinking on the net.  Click any of the buttons below to see some useful links we’ve found to help you make the best decision possible.