Humorousness” is the newest column in our monthly newsletter, Your Car Matters.  Whether it’s one-liners at the checkout counter or email attachments, we come across a lot of humor and this page is where we share it all with you.  Jokes, riddles, cartoons, or pictures, you’ll find pretty much anything that brings a giggle.  We’ll try to stay away from raunchy or obscene, but humor is very subjective so if we DO run something that offends you, please remember that we probably weren’t trying to.

Critical Strips:

If you take your humor seriously, then you know there are only two strips you need to be fully informed…


“I’m Just a Bill” and its sequels!

If you were a child in the late 70’s or early 80’s, you learned about civics from SchoolHouse Rock.  The “I’m Just a Bill” segment is a special gem that explains the entire complex legislative process in just three minutes.  Of course, they had to simplify a little to do it, and there has been a string of parodies ever since that fill in the gaps on how things really work.  Here’s all the versions we could find…

George Carlin- Wise Words from the Master

(Beware: The Master can use some pretty rough language sometimes.)

April Fools Features

Here are some features we’ve created for April Fools day.  (Relax, they aren’t real.)

Tom takes the corporate plunge in this KPOJ radio spot

Don’t pay dealer prices! Here’s a HOME test for your halogen fluid.

Is your tridimensional stabilizer mis-aligned? We can help.


A long overdue way for Red States to carry their weight

A long overdue way for Red States to carry their weight

You’re been exposed to hydric acid TODAY, and probably didn’t know it.

And here are some great stand-alone things you might appreciate…

“Conservapedia” Because the Truth is pliable, and pliable Truth is funny.

“You Might Be A Rightwing Nutcase If You Believe…”

“Australian Politician On Oil Spill”, showing that, unfortunately, politicians are the same everywhere.

“How It All Ends” Understanding risk assessment

Ronald Reagan – then a liberal Democrat – campaigns on the radio for President Truman in 1948.