Tom Dwyer on VIDEO

Back in the day, being on TV was something special.  You’d call the neighbors and make sure everyone gathered ’round the set, and then everyone would “ooh” and “ahh”.  The Intertubes have made video somewhat less special– now you’re more likely to be calling the neighbors to explain away that awkward internet video rather than to make sure they see it.  However, we at Tom Dwyer Automotive have slowly been embracing this video revolution, and here’s what we have to show for it so far…

Video Radio Spots

Remember that  video for the local grocery store’s canned goods sale?  No? What about the one for that great inventory reduction sale at the carpet store?  No?  Radio commercials for local companies don’t usually make very compelling video, but one of our clients, Hans Michael (known to his fans as EastBankThom), is out to change that.  He has been adding his creativity and his own unique spin to  some of our radio spots.  Check out these videos he made for us on his YouTube channel, and there’s more on the way all the time.

Client Testimonials

Video TestimonialsOur biggest video endeavor so far is also the one we’re most proud of.  Anyone can tell you what a great business they have, but are they telling the truth?  We asked our clients to offer testimonials about our shop so that other people wouldn’t have to take our word for what our service was like.  The response was tremendous (and our continued thanks to everyone who participated)!  We currently have 23 live, unscripted, one-take videos on every aspect of our shop and service, all waiting for your perusal.  Surf on over for the straight story, and you may even find a person or two you recognize!

Sustainable Business Project

We’re very pleased to be members of the Sustainable Business Network of Portland, a group supporting sustainable business values and practices in all industries.  As such, we’re occasionally asked to speak to groups on what this philosophy means to our own business.  One interesting project of the SBNP was a series of videos from Hot Lips Pizza, New Seasons Market, Portfolio 21 Investments, Albina Community Bank, BEST Business Center, MacForce, (and, of course, ourselves,) all describing how sustainability contributes to their bottom line.  You can click here to see our video from the project, or here to see all the videos on the special micro-project webpage.

Fighting the Health Care wars

It might not have made the news, but a little while back there was a quiet, restrained debate about a national Health Care program.  Since a rational, single-payer plan was ripped “off the table” right at the start, there was never much hope that a reasonable program would result.  But, for a brief shining moment, Portland stepped forward to take a stand for single payer and Tom Dwyer Automotive was part of it.  Click here to see the action.