Welcome to our Features section!  We want to be your one-stop shop for everything in your driving experience, but we know you have a life beyond your vehicle.  Don’t worry, Tom Dwyer Automotive is still here for you!  Our features section is where we put everything that’s not auto-related.  Check back often, because this will be one of the most frequently updated sections of our site.  You never know exactly what you’ll find, but it will probably fall into one of these areas:

“What Now?!!” Toons- We can’t prove it, but we are probably the only automotive repair shop in the country with its own political cartoonist.  Keith Tucker’s “What NOW?!!” Toons began gracing our website and newsletter in early 2011, and have become a favorite of many of our clients.  Lauded by progressives like Thom Hartmann and Greg Palast, Keith brings dry wit, vibrant art, and a left-leaning sensibility to the issues of the day.

Community Outreach We believe that companies can be good neighbors by contributing to community activities and groups, and we try to be the best neighbor we can.  We stay involved on local, state, regional, and national issues, and we encourage you to do the same.  Check in here to see some of the groups we’re involved with, and please give some thought to helping one of them yourself.

HumorThe humor section is filled with, well… humor!  From your daily fix of Doonesbury to “What Now?!! Toons” to George Carlin clips to websites and videos that will bring a smile to your face, There’s a little overlap with the “Politics” section because most of the humor has a little bit of a political slant, but it’s all funny.  Well, at least we think so.

Current Newsletter– Pretty much any company these days has a newsletter, but do you really want to hear your exterminator tell you about bugs or your accountant tell you about depreciation? Sure, we automotive articles, but there’s much more to our company newsletter, Your Car Matters.    We call our newsletter “offbeat”, but whatever adjective you settle on, we guarantee it’s one that you won’t use  for any other newsletter you’ve ever read.

Book and Sticker Library–  One of our most popular shop features is our one-of-a-kind book, bumper-sticker, and video library.  Filled with books that will stretch your mind, bumper stickers that will spread your message, and videos that will shock you, it’s well worth the trip to our shop even if your car’s running fine.

Politics– It’s a little unusual for a company to have a “politics” section on its website, but then we’re not the usual company.  This section is full of links that will help you get involved in making our city, state, country, and world a better place.  Agree or disagree, we think you’ll still find a lot to get you thinking.