Humorousness- Laughing our way through 2016

aaaHumorosnessRestOfNewsletterC’mon, how hard can it be to write a humor column?  Go online, download a couple jokes, and BOOM, it writes itself!  Think again.  You may be surprised to hear this but the Intertubes are full of less-than-appropriate humor, and certainly for a semi-family publication like Your Car Matters. We can find topical, we can find clean, we can even find funny, but putting all three together can be quite an undertaking!  Here’s the humor we found for you in 2016, and remember the most important thing TIMING about humor is always!

2015’s Hoard of Hoodwinks

Political Cartoons 2016

Stuck inside this Spring? We can help

REAL political insults

Trump… The Motion Picture

20 Signs Your Mechanic Is An Idiot

The Conventions in Cartoons

Cringeworthy Album Covers

SNL Tackles the Presidential Debates

Late Night Elections

Christmas Lists

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