A Last Look Back at 2016

Feature- 2016 LookbackAll our Feature articles from a very long year.

What kind of newsletter covers police violence, summer camps, labor motivation, single payer healthcare, community radio, screaming hot blues, and the best gasoline for your car? If you live in Portland then your one source for all that and more is your local mechanic!  We promise that no matter what other newsletters you might subscribe to, Your Car Matters, our RestOfNewsletterTom Dwyer Automotive Services Newsletter, is vastly different.  Tom’s only editorial directive is to “make it quality; make it something people will want to read” so that’s what we try to do.  The result is somewhat eclectic, but from politics to mechanics we try to bring you valuable information with our own special spin.  We can’t promise what you’ll see next, but we can show you what caught our eyes in 2016…

feature-cnbseenFeature- L3 CertFeature--RedBlueYoufeature-chalk Feature--CommRadioFeature- Compare parties 2Feature--Westwind2Feature--BluesFestfeature-smedley-coupFeature--CNPFeature--Ref-RewFeature- Concert Wrapup 2feature-expensiveFeature--Flat-Rate-2feature-refrew-voteFeature--Special-DistrictsFeature--AngiesFreefeature-quarterly-awardfeature-hacks-2Feature--Power-in-HandsFeature--WhoMakesRecsFeature--PostServCheck 2Feature--Pub-ConfessionsFeature--Bridge-openFeature--Powell-MemoFeature--FarmMarketFeature--Gasfeature-good-copsFeature-2016--Looking-back

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