Drew’s Kitchen- Your 2016 table is ready

aaaDrewKitchButtonRestOfNewsletterDrew Pearson, a Tom Dwyer Service Advisor for many years, brings his particular taste for simplicity, flexibility, and flavor in food into a unique combination that’s been quite a hit with our clients.  Drew’s Kitchen remains one of our most popular columns each month, with people asking about it at the Front Desk throughout the year.  Some of these are Drew Originals, some are from other sources, but all are time-and-taste-tested by Drew for your own enjoyment.  Pull up a chair… it’s taken a full year to prepare, but your 2016 table is ready!

Drew’s 2015 Feast

Sirloin and Parmesan Meatloaf

Pot Roast Like Grandma Used to Make

Garlic Parmesan Baked Halibut

Cucumber and Celery Salad with Tuna

Scallop and Shrimp Kabobs

Drew’s Perfect Picnic Menu… and more!

Fish Tacos

Grilled Corn With Cheese, Lime and Chile (Elotes)

Drew’s Best Fried Chicken



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