Keith Tucker’s Take on 2016

aaaWhatNowToonsButtonRestOfNewsletterTrumps-Cheering-Section-what-now-563-sM-color-72-dpiNo one’s stepped up to say we’re wrong yet, so we’ll make this bold claim yet again… we are the only auto repair shop in the country, quite possibly the world, with our own in-house political cartoonist!  Multi-award winning artist, cartoonist, and sci-fi trailblazer Keith Tucker makes us proud every month as he brings us his unique What NOW?!! Toons and their slight editorial slant to our newsletter.  In 2016 he went above and beyond, and we are just bursting to tell you Keith was central to Greg Palast’s critically important movie “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”.  Keith storyboarded the film, did the initial title animation, and even created an entire comic book to accompany the movie!  (By the way, if you haven’t checked it out, Greg’s movie is an incredible indictment of the ‘card check’ voter manipulation program that quite possibly gave us Donald Trump.  We have free copies in the Shop if you’d like one).  Check in for new Toons from Keith in 2017, and open up the Funny Pages to all these Tucker Toons from 2016…

 keith-book-1  keith-book-3  keith-book-2

trump-white-house-what-now-560-lg-color-72-dpi trumple-thin-skin-what-now-557-sm-color-72-dpihillary-lost-what-now-554-sm-color-150-c-copyDonald-Trump-Lemmings-what-now-549-Sm-color-720-dpi2016-elections-what-now-548-Lg-color-72-copyKeith-April-toonTrump-new-what-now-553-Lg-color-72-dpiBernie-vs-Trump-what-now-543-Lg-color-72-dpiSarah-palin-endorses-trump-what-now-540-A-Sm-color-72-dpi    Trump-GOP-nom-what-now-551Bernie Dark 300dpi

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