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Planning ahead means service on YOUR schedule

Tom Dwyer clients know about the feedback cards we leave in each vehicle after service.  These cards are vital to us; they’re how we know when we’re doing well or when there’s something that needs our attention.  The majority of responses are positive (thank you!) but there is one negative comment that can pop up this time of year… “You’re always so busy it was hard to get in”.  This is one of the most frustrating comments we get because it’s so rarely the case!  There’s not much we can do about it, but YOU can, and we’ll tell you exactly how… RestOfNewsletter

We try our best to maintain the highest level professional staff, and at a level that works year-round.  We need enough seasoned Technicians and Service Advisors to provide impeccable service when it’s busy, but not so many that we can’t maintain them when it’s slow.  Careful matching of client needs and staff resources (with some flexibility built in for emergencies) makes our workflow go smoothly, and serves clients with advance appointments as well as those with surprise problems.  But the auto repair industry is very seasonal, and in the very busiest times our workflow can stretch our capacity all too quickly.

Many shops handle this variability by paying Service Advisors on pure commission or Technicians on Flat Rate because after all, if people are paid solely for sales or production, any excess bodies standing around are free to the business!  But things run differently in that environment, and not in a way that you as a client would appreciate.  We’re serious about not letting it happen here.  Aside from the fact that we just don’t like treating staff like they’re fungible, our professionals are the best there are and can’t easily be replaced.  Instead we try to maintain a sustainable staffing level year-round.  As result we may not be as able to keep up with the peaks, but we aren’t cutting people lose in the valleys either.

Those peaks and valleys in work flow are very real constraints for us, but how can YOU avoid their impact?  There’s an easy way… scheduling well in advance for routine things like planned maintenance or your pre-vacation once-over will ensure timely service.  We do try to keep some excess capacity for those inevitable surprise needs, but we can have unexpected no-shows or cancellations that turn “too much work to get done” into “not enough work to pay the bills”.  Scheduling is one of the most challenging aspects of our business and we do the best we can to strike the right balance, but there is always unpredictability that defies prediction or perfection.  The farther ahead YOU can plan, the easier it is to for US to meet your needs.  (And don’t forget… our FREE Courtesy Shuttle or our access to rental cars can help change a scheduling conflict an easier experience).

We deeply appreciate the flexibility and patience of our clients during our busiest times!  While we can’t always promise next day appointments, we do promise this… we will produce the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time frame, and we won’t corners on you (or anyone else) to do it!

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