Shop Talk for November, 2016






Comment-of-the-Month-Buttonpostservice-card-w-picComment of the Month

This month’s Comment was hard to include as an actual comment because it doesn’t have any words, but we made the exception anyway.  It comes from our Post Service Feedback cards where Smith E. used her precious time and talent to make this beautiful hand-painted comment thanking us.  It’s wordless, we’re almost speechless, but we can say THANK YOU SMITH!

Referral Referral-Reward-new-buttonReward Program

The big Referral Reward news this month is our quarterly winner, but donations were continuing behind the scenes all month. If you’re new to it, our Referral Reward Program says “thanks” for your generous referrals by making donations to the non-profit group of your choice whenever a new client gives your name as a referral source.   Donations vary from $10 to $50 based on the new client’s initial purchases.  In October we were able to make 10 donations totaling $333 to these groups

CNBSeen by Matt J.          Friends of Trees by Debbie B.

Boys and Girls Club by Kevin W.          Artichoke Music by Kimberly D.

Emily’s List by Michael E.          Community Cycling Center by Pat A.

KMHD Radio by Jacquelyn S.          Oregon Food Bank by Ginny S.

KBOO Radio by Vincent P.          Planned Parenthood by Sheldon S.

That donation to CNBSeen by Matt J. is something special… it’s the first donation they’ve received, and we know that because they’re just starting up and we’re working with them to get off the ground.  Read our article about them this month, and please donate! (If you’re so inclined).  That’s the October wrap-up… keep watching this space for the latest on Referral Rewards!

Your reviews and referrals matterAskForReviewButton

We are constantly grateful for the supportive and loyal clients we have developed over the years.  Your comments and appreciation keep us on the right road to providing the superior automotive service you deserve.  Your reviews and referrals are not only the highest compliments we can receive, but they’re the lifeblood of our new business.  If you like what you’ve found at Tom Dwyer Automotive Services, please tell a friend or take a minute to write a review on YelpAngieslistGoogle, or the review site of your choice. Thank you!

RecallListButtonLatest Automotive Recalls  

Automobiles are just like any other product; occasional flaws in manufacture or design can cause problems once they leave the factory.  When an issue is identified the manufacturers and government work hard to bring the vehicles back in for refit or repair, but not all recalls make the front pages.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a constantly updated list of recalls from every manufacturer.  The last month’s recalls are below, but clicking the button at right will take you to the full list at the NHTSA website.



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