100 Ways To Make Your Life Better.

Ah, the InterTubes.  No matter what the question, there’s always an answer in the InterTubes.  One of the neatest things the Tubes have produced is the idea of a “hack”, a simple idea to do a common-yet-annoying task in a clever way you wish you would have thought of.  Whole sites are dedicated to lifehacks now.  There are some REALLY good ideas out there, but some fairly useless ones as well and even quite a bit of RestOfNewsletterduplication between the good ones.  Who has time to sort through the stack to separate the wheat from the chaff?  Turns out WE DO, so we did just that.  Follow us now on a journey into the creative and clever as our “Your Car Matters” editorial staff brings you our personally curated gallery of our 100 favorite life hacks!

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