A Peek Behind the Curtains

There’s ONE thing we do for EVERY vehicle at our shop…

Clients will specifically ask for services like checking their tire pressures, replacing burned out bulbs, and filling their washer fluid.  Of course we gladly say yes, and we say yes so very easily because all these services are already included in our Post-Service Checkout, which we do for EVERY vehicle we service. Whether you’re in for major work like a timing belt or just a minor interval service, there are always basics that we monitor as a matter of course.  But if some clients don’t know we’re already doing these things then it may be time to give everyone a peek behind the scenes at what happens in our Post-Service Checkout…RestOfNewsletter

A major objective of our ASE-Certified and ASE-Master-Certified Technicians is delivering top-notch care for your vehicles, but as thorough as they are it never hurts to get a second set of eyes on their work.  That’s one of the quality control aspects of our Post-Service Checkout; we process each completed vehicle to ensure all the small but critical details are covered.  We look for the obvious mistakes that would annoy any client if we let them slip; a tool or part accidently left behind, a warning light still on, some new problem that’s popped up, or some small leftover from a service.  Our Technicians are good, but no one’s perfect!

This double-check of our work is a valuable part of our Post-Service Check, but it’s just the start.  We also provide valuable and necessary services that few companies offer anymore; especially at no charge. We cover more than 20 important points to help insure your vehicle is operating at its best. The specifics may vary slightly depending on vehicle model, but our routine covers things like headlights, marker lights, turn signals, brake and reverse lights, tire condition and air pressures, fluid levels, windshield condition, front and rear wiper and washer functionality, even your vehicle’s horn.  Let’s look at these points a little more closely…

  • Under-The-Hood Inspection

We check and top off all fluid reservoirs including window washer, brake hydraulics, power steering, automatic transmission, engine oil, and engine coolant.  If any of these systems are inexplicably low, we’ll bring it to your attention as a possible symptom of a deeper problem.  We make sure everything is as it should be under the hood; no tools or loose wanderings, or that any problems present are documented.

  • Headlights and bulbs

Lights and signals are a critical part of vehicle safety.  Something as simple as a burned out headlight, turn signal, or marker bulb can cause real safety issues or lead to an encounter with law enforcement, but our post-service inspection helps insure you’re covered.  Some bulbs are difficult to replace and in those cases we call to have labor times authorized, but whenever possible we only charge for the bulbs.

  • Tire Pressures

Manufacturers recommend different, specific tire pressures for each type of vehicle.  Correct pressure is critical to safety in all weather conditions, and under- or over-inflating tires reduces traction and causes irregular tread wear.  No one can just look at a tire and know when the pressures are correct; there’s no substitute for physically checking each tire with an accurate pressure gauge.

  • Cleanliness

We don’t mean vacuuming your carpets or washing off years of accumulated dust, but removing the debris that can affect your vehicle’s function.  For example, we’ll pull leaves and goo out of your cowl vents because clogged air intakes reduce air flow and inhibit climate control systems.  Of course, if there’s any residue left over from the services we performed we’ll want to polish that up as well.

  • All the other little things

There are important things that all vehicles have in common, but every vehicle also offers its own unique challenges.  We help with little things like lubing squeaky door hinges or gravelly locks, cleaning smoke-covered windshields, setting clocks, or remounting a license plate that’s ready to fall off.

Few people check all these details on their own vehicles, but they’re the kind of details that can lead to problems if ignored.  “PEACE OF MIND”… our Post-Service Checkout delivers! When you bring your vehicle to us you can rest assured that we’re doing our best to care for your vehicles; from major systems to the smallest of details, helping to keep you on the road safely and confidently.  Now that you have had a small peek behind the scenes, you can close the curtain and take comfort in knowing that we’ll be doing all of this and much more every time you bring your vehicle to Tom Dwyer Automotive Services!

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