How to determine your ownership goals

Effective auto service begins long before your schedule your appointment… it begins with you creating clear goals and plans for vehicle ownership.  Some of our recommendations (safety issues, for example) would stay the same no matter what your plans for the vehicle. Others might differ depending on whether you’re planning to sell, squeeze out a few more months, or maintain safe and reliable transportation for years. Neglecting some particular maintenance or repair item might be OK in the short term, but you can’t then also expect reliability in the long-term.  Create a sensible plan, make sure we know what it is, and then stick to it.

Answering questions like these will help you create clear and effective goals for your vehicle…

  • Does your vehicle meet your driving needs, such as off-road, large family, or comfort?
  • Do you have individual or unusual needs that your vehicle must address, like heavy-duty trailer hauling?
  • How many miles do you currently drive per year?  Is there anything coming up that would change that number, like a new job, house, or child?
  • How long to you plan to own the vehicle?
  • What would be a comfortable monthly/yearly budget for maintenance and repair?
  • If you had to replace the vehicle, would you buy a new or used vehicle?  How much would you budget for a replacement?

How long do you want your car to last?

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