Calling for estimates

We never give incomplete or intentionally deceptive low estimates to get people “in the door” as is (sadly) the norm in this industry.  We do our best to give realistic estimates, based on a combination of our experience and industry standards, for complete repairs that we can confidently cover with our 24/24 warranty. We use the best parts available in conjunction with highly skilled technicians employing proper procedures and we provide estimates reflective of that. We will never “low-ball” you in the door.

Be aware that while our Service Advisors are happy to provide general price information over the phone, these are prices for individual repairs and not an estimate of what it takes to repair your vehicle.  Your vehicle may or may not need the services you called about.  A precise estimate, one we can stand behind, depends on inspecting and evaluating your vehicle to determine the exact services you’ll need.  Use our over-the-phone numbers for guidance and comparison, but RELY on our estimates.

We encourage you to compare our estimates with any other shop, but be sure you compare apples to apples.  Any job can always be done cheaper by someone somewhere else (especially when the work has already been done). Exercise caution anytime estimates are provided shopping on the phone before a vehicle has been properly inspected.

Understanding types of estimates

How much is a 60K service?

98.79% within estimate

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