Current Discount Offers

Unless otherwise noted, all our offers are subject to some standard conditions…  YOU MUST MENTION ANY DISCOUNT WHEN YOU SCHEDULE SERVICE because it is NOT VALID AFTER COMPLETION OF SERVICE.  Unless otherwise noted, OFFERS CANNOT BE COMBINED.

Page last updated 10/2/2017

We don’t have any special offers right now, but we do have two ongoing offers you may be interested in…

CNPButtonCarbon Neutral Program

Save 10% on labor charges and drive carbon-free during your one-year membership

 Referral Reward ProgramRefRewardsButton

We make a donation to the non-profit group YOU care about whenever a new client gives us your name as a referral source

RequestAppointmentButtonClick here to request an appointment, or just call us at 503-230-2300 to talk with one of our non-commissioned Service Advisors!

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