Whistle Blower vs. Spy

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

Specialist William Millay was recently sentenced to 16 years in jail for selling military information to the Russians.

Good.  He deserves it.

Contrast this with Bradley Manning, who after three years still has not had a trial. WikiLeaks’ helped him expose crimes, abuse, and corruption by the U.S. Government, which in turn charged him with espionage and is demanding a life sentence.

My point isn’t that Millay should be locked away forever, but that the case against Manning is vengeful and extreme.

Governments don’t brag about their abuses, so we have to rely on ethical insiders to expose them, but without some hope of protections, the natural course for these people is to stay silent.

Manning’s retaliatory prosecution is intended to be a clear message to whistleblowers… shut up.  Spying’s one thing, but hang Big Brother’s dirty laundry out for the world to see and you’ll be sorry…..

Is it any wonder governmental abuses go on?

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