I’m Tom Dwyer,

Our Constitution was created to guarantee liberty and justice for all, not for a privileged few.

HSBC bank just reached a settlement on forty three offenses involving laundering money for terrorists, drug cartels, and international pariah states.  Regularly.  Repeatedly.  For many years.  In amounts reaching trillions of dollars.

For us little people, “providing material support to terrorists” is a serious crime.  Federal sentencing guidelines mandate seventeen to twenty one years per offense plus heavy fines, but HSBC settled for 1.9 billion dollars.  A record, yes, but less than 10% of their profit in 2011.  And no one faces prison!

In the banking meltdown, we learned some companies were just “too big to fail”.   Now, they’ve become “too big to jail”.

US authorities said the cost of prosecution would have been thousands of jobs and an unstable banking system.

What was the cost of not prosecuting?  Justice.  But that was a price they could accept.

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