Chasing JP Morgan

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

Banking behemoth JP Morgan paid more than $16 billion dollars in legal penalties and expenses over the last four years.

You might think this expense would change a company, but you’d be wrong.

Morgan made almost $70 billion in profit during that time; they command assets over two trillion dollars; more than the GDP of eighteen countries, and in those same four years they spent $34 million just lobbying to make their bad behaviors legal.

More than half of Morgan’s legal expenses were directly related to illegal behavior by their executives, but no one’s gone to jail.

Billions in fines are just the cost of doing business for them.

As long as writing checks keeps Execs from jail time, behaviors won’t change!

Banking vampires like these are plundering wealth that generations of Americans built.  The only way to rip their siphon from our jugular is to enforce strong banking laws.  With real jail time.  On real people.  Now.

While we still can.

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