Sellwood Bridge Update- A different way to look at things

aaaBridgeUpdateButtonAnother month, more construction on the Sellwood Bridge.  It’s still going on, it’s still a little inconvenient, it’s still not unbearable, and it’s still going on for a few more years.  In the meantime, we still have in-progress pictures for you.  The first picture is from our usual vantage point, but we tried something different this month… we journeyed over to the wilderness of the West side, went up into the cemetery, and got three interesting shots from a perspective most people don’t get to see.  Enjoy!







A closeup of the center supports.  Rumor has it that the old concrete support from the old bridge may not be there much longer.


This picture from the northeast bank shows the full construction area. Missing from last month is the army of cranes that used to line the south side of the bridge.


View from the cemetery directly east along the bridge alignment. Traffic doesn’t look all that bad, and this was taken just as rush hour was starting.


View of the new road into the cemetery









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