Wyden’s Right On FISA

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Ron Wyden may be wrong on health care, but his stance on the FISA court is right on!

FISA lets intelligence agencies get search warrants without compromising secrecy.  It operated twenty three years before turning down a request; from over thirty-two thousand applications only eleven have been denied.

FISA expires this year without Congressional renewal, but Senator Wyden, unwilling to be a rubber stamp, outlined his privacy concerns to the FISA court and the Director of National Intelligence.

Their response was surprising… FISA admitted they “violate the spirit of the law”, and the Intelligence Director said “on at least one occasion” the government had indeed “violated the fourth amendment” and that an upper estimate of the number of people actually affected was “not reasonably possible”.

Senator Wyden put a hold on the reauthorization bill until constitutional issues are addressed.  Please call Ron Wyden’s office to say thank you and tell Ron to stay strong on FISA!

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