Sellwood Bridge Update- It’s quiet, but moving along

It’s been kinda quiet here at Ground Zero for the Sellwood Bridge reconstruction.  The crews are building the supports that will hold the temporary bridge (which will actually be the existing bridge; please see our article on the Shoo Fly option) and preparing the surrounding area for major construction.  Here are several pictures from the ongoing construction, followed by a detailed update from the county, originally posted on the Sellwood Bridge Project website…

Construction site under the bridge, 3/7/12

Staff Jennings site- Before and after

You can’t see them while driving on the bridge, but these are the beginnings of the bases for the temporary bridge support piers

While the bridge construction will affect us here at the shop, the ones most affected will be the people living in the condos alongside the bridge. These photos of the construction footprint show just how tight the work will be.

Construction update from Multnomah County

River Work: The contractor continues to assemble and weld protective struts to the two fenders that protect the detour bridge piers from collisions with river traffic. Work continues on the east side fender the next two weeks.  Next week the contractor will continue to install pile “helmets” on the in-river piling at Bent 19, in the center of this river. The pile helmet forms a base for the upper pier structure.

Staff Jennings Demolition: As this week’s photos show, Konell Construction rapidly took down the main building at the former Staff Jennings boat store this week. Wood beams and other materials were salvaged or recycled. Konell will continue to clear the site next week. It will then be used as a construction staging area. When the new bridge opens, a bioswale on the site will filter stormwater from the bridge and Highway 43.

Other Westside Work: More fencing and erosion controls will be installed next week to set up a zone for the landslide stabilization work and tree protection measures. In the next two weeks, excavation work is expected to begin on the landslide repair under the west end of the bridge, east of the trolley tracks.  Tree removal in the construction zone and on the west side of Highway 43 will begin in March after permits are issued.  Highway 43 will be widened and the trees will be replaced with native species as part of the project. The contractor is identifying and protecting trees that will remain.

Eastside Work: Construction fencing has been installed around the county-owned property on the south side of SE Spokane Street adjacent to the Springwater Trail. This lot will be used as a construction staging area with fenced parking for some residents of Riverpark Condominiums whose parking spaces will be moved during construction. A construction driveway will be added from Spokane Street to the lot. The thirteen parking spaces at Riverpark are expected to be relocated in the next week. Fencing has been installed on the south side of Riverpark in preparation for setting up the construction zone there. Gates will be installed after the parking spaces are relocated.  On March 5 – 6, the contractor will videotape exteriors of buildings at Sellwood Harbor and Riverpark that will be removed later this year.  Additional fencing and “Trail Closed” signs are being placed to close the eastbank trail between Spokane Street and the Portland Rowing Club, under the bridge. Work to widen the trail is expected to begin next week. The trail needs to be widened to bring in equipment that will be used to build a land pier for the detour bridge.

Work Hours: No evening or weekend work is scheduled the next two weeks. Work on the weekend of March 10 is cancelled. Work hours the next two weeks are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays.

…and don’t forget…

The County has set up a couple cameras to cover the new bridge construction.  The one at right is a live camera, and there’s also a time-lapse video that will condense the each day’s construction progress into just a few minutes.  Enjoy!

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