Repeal and Replace

I’m Tom Dwyer,

I hope Republican voters are proud of their house members!

Thirty three times now, the RepubliCon-led house has voted to repeal Obama Care.  Not once, not twice, thirty three times; an amazing waste of precious legislative time and taxpayer money.

Pure.  Political.  Theatre.

The Cons are howling for “Repeal”, but deadly silent when it comes to “Replace”, and be sure they won’t even consider the only logical option… SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE!

The Cons call ObamaCare slavery?… single payer will provide freedom

Freedom to change jobs or build businesses…

Freedom from insurance company abuses…

Freedom from the complexities of health insurance and workers comp…

Resources freed from the twenty percent overhead of for-profit companies to provide actual medical care

Freedom from healthcare caused bankruptcies… AND

Economic Freedom with thousands of extra dollars in each family’s pocket every year

The only real cure and the only real freedom…  single payer.

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