President. Obama. Still sounds good!


I’m Tom Dwyer,

President.  Obama.

Still has a nice ring, doesn’t it?  America just avoided a major nightmare!

We can breathe a little easier for now, but not for long.  The assault on the middle class didn’t stop just because we re-elected a guy with class and dignity.  Duplicitious plunderers, apostates and warmongers won’t go home, so neither can we.

Like Obama said, it’s up to us to “make him do it”.

It’s up to us to push for single payer healthcare, strong unions, and fair taxation.

 It’s up to us to put an end to proxy wars, warrantless searches, and unaccountable abuse of power.

It’s up to us to bring our soldiers back, start to address climate change, and sustain a stable and free society.

We deserve better than trickle down left overs and in order to nurture the ninety nine percent and strengthen the social contract its time to go out and work for it.

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