Postal Default

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Republi Cons are bashing the Post Office for missing a five point five billion dollar payment for future retiree health care.

Sure the costs of delivering the mail are rising and email and private competition mean changes, but is that why the Post Office is struggling?

Their biggest problem may be the new requirement for them to prefund retiree health benefits seventy five years in advance, and do it in just 10 years. This onerous burden accounts for eighty two percent of the postal red ink since congress created this law.

Or, possibly, the problem might be the two hundred twenty thousand inconveniently unionized postal workers who need to be busted up, or perhaps the sixty five billion in annual revenue ripe for plunder by the private sector.

Please support our constitutionally created postal service, educate others about what’s really going on and chose U S P S for all your shipping and receiving.

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