The Only REAL Question


I’m Tom Dwyer,

It’s down to the wire… time to vote… time for citizens to decide what kind of society we are to become.  That’s the real question in any election…

Do we choose a society with opportunity and benefits for all, “the American Dream”, or do we choose a society that closes the door of opportunity, and only benefits those who squeezed through before it slammed?

Do we choose a society where people’s work leads to secure, independent, and dignified lives or do we choose a society where feudal serfs beg for scraps from the “job creators” table?

The Presidential race should be ninety nine to one.  How could anyone forget the disastrous effects of Republicon leadership?  How could anyone choose to return control to them?

For now, the responsibility of shaping our society, of choosing our leaders, still belongs to citizens.  Our destiny should been in our hands… I’m voting to keep it there.

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