Obama’s Wright On


I’m Tom Dwyer,

The President recently pointed out that no one builds businesses alone.  They have help from others… even the government.

The Cons are twisting this obvious truth to prove Obama hates free enterprise.

One web post shows the Wright Brothers and their plane, with Obama saying “You didn’t build that.”  A cheap shot, but it actually makes his point perfectly… not that they didn’t build it, but that they didn’t build it alone.

The genius of the Wrights arose within society.  They built on the work of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs before them.  The public infrastructure of roads, police, and fire department gave them a safe and stable place to work.  Their education came from public schools, and a legal and patent system allowed them to profit from their idea.

Obama’s right.  People like the Wrights don’t function in a vacuum.

You can’t destroy a society that nurtures genius, yet still expect genius to flourish without it.

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