Movie Night- “For My Wife”

I’m Tom Dwyer,

This month’s free Movie Night, I’d like you to meet Charlene Strong.

Charlene’s partner of nine years, Kate Fleming, was trapped in a flash flood in their Seattle home.  She got Kate to a hospital, but couldn’t be there as she died, under Washington law, they weren’t “family”.

“For My Wife” tells how this traumatic event galvanized Charlene.  It chronicles her fight for Washington’s successful Domestic Partnership bill and her continuing fight for marriage equality across the country.

Sometimes the reality behind abstract political debates gets lost, but this movie brilliantly illustrates the real effect of laws on real people.

I hope you can join us June 21st and every third Thursday, 6 pm, at the  S E I U Union Hall on the corner of Foster and Holgate.  Brought to you through the generosity of: We Are Oregon, Jobs with Justice, Economic Fairness Oregon, and SEIU Local 503.

Follow the links from our website for more information.

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