Movie Night- “Bowling for Columbine”

I’m Tom Dwyer,

He wore full body armor, used tear gas, a shotgun, an assault rifle, and a handgun on an unarmed crowd.  At least Twelve people have died, many seriously injured and all who survived are scarred forever.

Everyone’s shocked, but no one seems surprised anymore.

Please join us Thursday, August 16, for a somber Tom Dwyer Movie Night as we present “Bowling For Columbine”.

It’s a challenging look at our gun culture and sadly, the questions it explores are still as relevant as they were after the Columbine massacre, thirteen years ago.

Tom Dwyer Free Movie Night happens this and every third Thursday, 6 pm, at the SEIU Union Hall on the corner of Foster and Holgate.  Brought to you through the generosity of S E I U Local 5 0 3, We Are Oregon, Jobs with Justice and Economic Fairness Oregon.

Follow the links from our website for details and our upcoming movies.

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