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I’m Tom Dwyer,

On Election Day the Presidency is only one important choice we face.  The further down- ballot you go, the more each office can affect your daily life.

For Portland’s Mayor, I think Jefferson Smith is the best choice for our future. From building the Oregon Bus Project to serving the Oregon Legislature, Jeff’s experience delivers the dynamic, Progressive fire that Portland’s politics needs.

He believes in a radical idea… that government should serve everyone’s interests.  Jeff sees citizens as the power of government, not an impediment to it.  On every critical issue he’s reached out to real people for advice and support.  Jeff has built a true grassroots movement of engaged, creative people who share our priorities for Portland.

Portland needs a mayor who thinks like a Portlander!  I think Jefferson Smith has earned your vote, but voting’s not enough.  Please, put your time and money to work for Jeff… help promote government by the people.

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